Creche Workshop and Service

Discover the Story of Bethlehem

Come enter into the story of Bethlehem like never before.  Each child kindergarten to grade 5 helps by building their own unique character to tell the story  of Jesus’ Birth in an intergenerational 2hour workshop, usually on the first Sunday in December.  Then at a later Sunday worship time, we tell the Christmas story in the most beautiful, touching way by building it with the characters the kids have made, intertwining readings from the bible, music, prayer and yes a message. The the kids get to bring their characters home and start building their own at home

Lenten Drama

Our kids spend the coldest winter months learning biblical history through drama, song and a little humor.  The result is an entertaining afternoon of food and fellowship, followed by a one time only performance of the “Lenten Drama”.  Humor is added to various facts of Israelite history and the entire church community is invited to see the stage turned into a battleground, a Persian court, or some Egyptian palace where all bow before golden idols.  A “not to be missed” event which occurs around the mid-point of our Lenten journey (usually in March), designed to teach a bit, offer community and lift anyone’s spirits!


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