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Where is the church?

The church’s address is 1 Church Street, Paxton, MA 01612.

Where do I park?

Parking is available along the side of the road or in the empty lot across the street.

When do you have Communion?

We share communion once a month, usually on the first Sunday. Everyone is welcome at God’s table.

How do I get into the church?

Our church has the traditional big doors on the front of the building that will be flung wide waiting for you. There will be a member there to greet you and show you into the church.

What happens after the service?

When the service is done we all go out the back of the worship space and downstairs (or outside) for Coffee, goodies and conversation. We call it coffee hour, even though there usually more than just coffee and it doesn’t last an hour (unless you want it to!).

How early do I have to get up for church?

Our service starts at 10:00am every Sunday, 9:00am June through August, and lasts just under an hour.

How should I dress?

We are not here to judge your clothing but to support & share & grow what is on the inside. You will see all forms of dress but generally we tend to be a casual group.

How about my kids?

Please bring them! We’d be disappointed if we didn’t get to meet them too. Children are always welcome in worship, noise is part of a healthy growing church. If your littlest ones are uncomfortable in the service we have a well staffed nursery downstairs ( take the stairs down before coming in the worship space) During the school year we have a fantastic Sunday School program which the kids leave the service for after they have a short “children’s time” with the Pastor or Christian Education Director.

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Learn about the United Church of Christ.

We are a congregation of the United Church of Christ (UCC). Click the icon to learn more.

What We Believe

At the First Congregational Church of Paxton, what do we believe?

We are the United Church of Christ which is a progressive, affirming, welcoming denomination.
Here are some of our basic thoughts in the United Church of Christ:


We believe that God is a loving God who made the human being in God’s image. All people are therefore of value and loved by God.


In Christ, the head of the church, God conquers sin and reconciles the world to Divine Love. We believe in God, but we follow Jesus.

Holy Spirit

God’s continuing presence and activity in the world.


Creator, Christ, Holy Spirit are one.


A community of people united in Christ through worship, work, and witness.

The Bible

We take the scriptures seriously but not literally.

Service to Others

The mission of the Church is to work for justice and to establish God’s Kingdom in the world.

The Sacraments

Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. It is through baptism that persons are joined in faith with Jesus and accepted into the fellowship of the church. The breaking of bread and pouring of wine are done in remembrance of Christ’s death and his resurrection.


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